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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday, august 20th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." fast-moving flames kill three firefighters in washington state, and overnight more towns are forced to evacuate. republican rival polls. jeb bush says trump is unelectable. how some are cashing in on the faithful. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we're professionals trained to do a job. there are times some things go
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bad but the fight still has to go on. three firefighters killed in the line of duty. >> authorities say the firefighters were involved in a vehicle accident when the fire overtook them. >> unrest on the streets of st. louis following the fatal police shooting of a black 18-year-old. police say he was pointing a gun at them. >> he was a democrat longer than he was a republican. >> the war of words are erupting between them. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd, as you know, right down the street? they're sleeping now. >> a blast leveled 16 rooms of a hotel. it critically injured a gasline worker. clinton denied that on the campaign trail -- >> hillary f you're trying to convince me of your innocence, you really picked the wrong outfit. >> the new policy. regal cinemas is checking bags.
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>> firefighters were cooling diesel tank on an amish farm in maryland and it exploded. no one was hurt. >> all that -- >> a wild rabbit brought out the red flag at bristol motor speedway. >> there you. >> it is a star wars-themed night. >> you can't say that on tv. >> -- and all that matters. >> the 14th amendment is very questionable. >> this country would not be what it would be if they didn't have birth rite citizenship. if you're born here, that's it. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> hackers got hold of all the user information of over 32 million users. >> there's only 150 million men in the united states and half of them are children or old. if you're wondering if your husband's name is on there, yes, it is on there. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. clarissa ward is with us. powerful wildfires in the west showed their deadly force. flames killed three firefighters in washington state. they were trapped near twisp after their vehicle crashed. four other firefighters are hurt. >> the fire forced new evacuations overnight of at least three towns. it is burning about 100 miles northeast of seattle and is one of several in the state. danielle nottingham is in twisp with the dangerous conditions. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the names of the deceased have not been release and we're waiting for an update on the injured firefighters. they were working in this fire zone when it exploded wednesday and forced the evacuation of at least three additional nearby towns. fierce flames continued to bear down on twisp, washington, into the night. it's here that three
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firefighters were killed after their vehicle was involved in an accident. shifting winds likely fanned fast-moving flames that eventually overtook them. >> it was a hell storm up here. we just know the fires were racing and the winds were blowing in every direction. >> at least one of the firefighters, 25-year-old male, was airlifted here to the medical center in seattle where the family members gathered last night. he remains in critical condition. >> how tough is it to hear that firefighters died? >> it's horrible. it's defer stating. we had a horrible day and now we have to still go out and do what we're training to do. >> reporter: you can see flames from ridgetop to ridgetop. the flames are moving so fast even the town's mayor went door to door urging residents to leave. >> all right. thank you, everybody. >> reporter: you're the mayor of this town. firefighters died trying to
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protect a lot of these homes, a lot of the residents. what's your reaction. >> right now i think we want to make sure we keep our citizens as safe as possible and the firefighterfighting team very the fire spread so quickly those living there had little time to get out. >> what we saw, the mountain in between twisp river and us is a plume that went from one end all the way to the other, something that we haven't seen ever and it was red. >> twisp is one of multiple-area towns under complete evacuation this morning. roads leading out of town were jachled as more thaz 5,000 people rushed to evacuate. washington governor jei iay ins has asked for government assistance. emergency personnel from
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australia and new zealand will deploy this weekend to help defray 80 fires burning in the west. clarissa? >> a new campaign showing donald trump dominating in three swing states. the quinnipiac poll in ohio, pennsylvania, and florida shows trump leading jeb bush by between 4 and 18 points, but the poll also found many more republicans in the states would never support trump. almost a third said they would not vote for him. bush is viewed more favorably. in new hampshire last night miles apart bush and trump attacked each other's credentials. major garrett covered the academy in new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's not uncommon for candidates to compete for votes blocks away from each other. last night in derry they were
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that close and their campaign styles and crowd reaction tells you a lot where it keeps you now. donald trump filled the auditorium to the rafters. >> my group. these are my people. be careful of your language. you're on seven live broadcasts tonight. >> rorter: and an overflow room spilled out the door. a short distance away jeb bush drew a much smaller quieter crowd. >> do you know what's happening to jeb bush, as you know he's right down the street? they're sleeping. they're sleeping right now. >> i love these rowdy crowds. isn't it great? >> reporter: bush was falling behind primarily nationally fielding questions from a nervous supporter. how can you beat the front-runner? >> you're talking about trump,
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right? you can mention his nachlt he doesn't have a conservative record. he was a democrat longer than he's been a republican. he's given more money to democrats than he has of republicans. >> the reason i talk about jeb is he was supposed to do well in new hampshire. he's going down like a rock. now rand paul is going down the tubes. what is hillary going to do with hillary. >> guys like perry. >> and he caps supporters as captives of special interests. >> he doesn't have to answer to any donors or lobbyists. >> reporter: trump agreed. >> i'm not going anywhere, folks. >> reporter: he feels as if he's drawing a big movement. we met voters here more curious about trump more curious than
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his candidacy. but as he says to "time" magazine about all of this, deal with it. the campaign has reserved a stadium. and, gayle, trump is predicting a crowd of between 30,000 and 40,000. >> all right. we're dealing with it. thank you, major. clinton's cam pape is getting more threatened. she new her e-mail server had classified information. the sevener was, indeed, erased. in an interview a spokeswoman had trouble answering how. >> what did she do with the e-mails? >> they were delaet. this is like everyone's an expert on dpz inflating football and now we're being an expert on wiping servers. like i don't know how that all works. >> jan crawford is in washington where we're learning about two of those e-mails. good morning. >> good morning. those e-mails are giving us the
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kind of information being exchanged on her server. both were covered in the on going investigation of the attack into benghazi, libya. and intelligence officials say they contained classified information. the first e-mail from 2011 was forwarded by aide huma abedin. it cites intelligence reports on libyan troop strength and movements. the second forwarded by a.j. sullivan outlined the arrests. the e-mails are among some 30,000 clinton turned over to the state department from her private server. on monday they said they searched 120 of those. the concern is that class night e-mails on a private server could be more easily hack order compromised. clinton has insisted she did not send classified e-mail to her private server or send e-mail
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that was marked private. something press secretary brian fallon released. >> none of that was classified at the time it was sent. that's consistent with what we've been saying from the beginning. >> it's not just clinton's private server that may have contained private information. s dan ackerman is an idiot tore at cnet. >> any time you're bringing your own ee whim and using it for work purposes, it's not something that's actually secure, issued by the company because they take the laptops, for example, and reconfigure them. >> and despite the fact that campaigns weren't marked classified means they weren't. that doesn't matter. they cannot be formally stamped classified. charlie? >> jan, thanks.
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former president jimmy carter will reveal more about his cancer diagnosis. he said a recent liver operation found the cancer. he said the cancer has spread and he's under go treatment to treat it. our digital network cbsn will bring you live coverage. it begins around 10:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. central. the south set its guns opened fire after a single artillery shell at a mortar town. there are no details of any casualties. local media said south korean towns were being evacuated. the u.s. has more than 278,000 troops in the south. there is an gelg this morning over the deadly shooting of a 18-year-old. police say he was carrying a
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gun. protesters threw bricks and glass bottles at the officers. nine people were arrested. a car and a vacant home were set on fire. earlier in the day two police officers shot and killed a black 1-year-old. they say he pointed a stolen handgun at the police. subway spokesman jared fogle is under arrest and is on his way to prison. he pleaded guilt to having sex with minors and was in possession of child pornography. adriana diaz has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the front page of the paper says it all, "a secret and sorted life is now unveiled. "investigators say 14 minors were victimized. jared fogle, one of america's best known tv pitchman, had no comment as he left court
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wednesday, but u.s. attorney josh mirng ler didn't mince words. >> this is about using wealth, status, secrecy to skploilt children. >> reporter: investigators unveiled over 38,000 also video. >> russell tail already was sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl. at that time fogle chose to receive and repeatedly view child pornography involving that 14-year-old girl. fogle admitted that he repeat udly traveled to new york to commit sex acts with children. >> in his travels to new york, texting one of the underage girls, offering to pay her a
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finders fee. fogle will may more than $1.4 million in restitution 1. $40,000 to each victim. >> he knows the risk of restitution can't undo the damage he's done but he deal all in his power to try to make it right. >> reporter: it came from a tip from a private citizen but fogle's first known interest came in 2007, a year before taylor was hired. charlie? >> adriana, thanks. surveillance shows a natural s line exploding at a motel 6 outside seattle. they're checking reports. they may have been absolutely blast. gas company worker was injured. the firefighter says two guests reported missing are safe.
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they were not in the billioning at the time. this morning the faa is looking into why a door panel fell off a plane. it landed on a green on a golf course. american says that the a-321 operated by us airways was preparing to land in charlotte at the time. golfers saw it fallsing. >> my son said what is it falling. i don't know. but it wasn't a leaf. >> it definitely wasn't a leechlt they landed safely. the airlines says the missing panel would not have in damaged the fear. this morning we're reporting on the cheating website ashley madison. experts warn some victims could face a lot more than divorce. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman is with us this morning.
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good morning. >> good morning. what is the fbi looking for fit. we have to remember after the first reaction, adult rurs, deserve it, push that aside and let the lawyer and me talk. this was a highly encrypted sight. these hackers got into that site. so, of course, the fbi was looking. if they get into this, they can look into any sight. let's look at retail sight, a walmart or target. if they can get in and get some of your information and then put you up for blackmail as a site, saying if you don't pay as money, we're going to expose all this information. in essence that's what happens here? >> is there leekt liability snl yes, there is. the company is secure.
7:18 am
we know nothing "today" is secure. they left that warnen for one month. there are people who paid $19,000 a person for something called page delete to get their names off. they're still on. >> i think they're so shocked. 15,000 e-mail addresses were lernged to government accounts. that is so baffling to me. >> one of the things we have to remember is some of these accounts may be safe. if you do have a military account or government account, your consequences are dire. in the military you could be court-marti court-martialed. if you abuse someone else's
7:19 am
account, it's going in the records. >> it's ironic that a company that expresses that kind of security would pose that breach. next a >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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comedian john oliver's sat tire puts televangelists under the spotlight. >> that's when i realize thad the message that it was sending me was to set up my own church to test the limits of the entztitys. that is what we have done. >> ahead, new calls for the irs to investigate the prosperity gospel. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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plus, everyone gets $10 kohl's cash for every $50 spent. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah be yourself. kohl's the ice bucket challenge pays off big time. ahead, how last summer's donation could be responsible for a potential breakthrough
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against als. good morning everybody, i'm nicole brewer. you might want to grab the umbrella talking steamy and stormy, right katie. >> absolutely good way to put it. we have a storm system more specifically a cold front crossing through and we are just waiting on it a at this point. in the meantime it is still very muggy outside, you can see a hint of moisture over my shoulder on storm scan three. lets go to the full screen where it is western most edge of the lancaster county getting clipped by wet weather. this will start to bubble up more widespread coverage, generally you are starting off on a good note at the the shore going to the beach watch for late day showers and thunderstorms and there will be a heavier line for everyone of rhawn and storms that rumbles in starting as early
7:27 am
as this evening and lasting overnight, meisha. >> never good news hearing about the rain, katie but our roadways are still dry. we have an accident involving two large trucks london grove township chester county route 41, oxford bypass, the road there is closed, use a alternate route 841. again, you're seeing some delays there pennsylvania make note of that accident. also going to the wide you can see 17 miles an her on the schuylkill heading both east and westbound at 95 is slow as well, nicole over to you. >> our next update 7:55. up next this morning a year after the ice buckle chat evening more money raised for als, i'm nicole brewer, make it a great
7:28 am
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narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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this amazing video shows this jet getting hit by lightning. it happened at hartsfield-jackson international airport. another passenger on another plame captured this video. he didn't know the plane had been struck by lightning until he look at the video. i'd be goc, check, please. i want to change my mind. >> that's right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, new allegations that teachers at an elite prep school knew that older boys were targeting the younger girls for sex. the student returns to the witness stand this morning.
7:31 am
one witness called the practice senior salute. the als ice bucket challenge is back. there's good reason for it. see how it's paying off in exciting research. that's ahead. "the new york times" reports on anti-drone technology. it says u stace government agency are works to attack drones. they report how they used a system in times square but interference from nearby media broadcasts interfered with the test. "the wall street journal" has an op-ed. moo tarkan responds to a scathing report. writes, quote, i am disappointed that some actions that we have taken to fund scientific research and health well being programs has caused
7:32 am
more confusion and distrust. i know we can do a better job and we will. the "washington post" says the department is doing more. they found more than 25,000 tenants make managerer than the maximum income allowed to qualify for government subcy despised housing. in new york city 2,000 families are waiting to get in. >> and there is a report on the prep school sexual assault case shichl told the court she was shocked after her encounter with owen labrie. some school officials knew about the meeting up with younger girls. gayle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:33 am
she accepted the invitation of this senior for what she thought would be, she said, some innocent fun. it's part of the senior salute ritual where male boys try to meet up with younger female students. >> i thought, okay, i might get to see a cool place and maybe we'll kiss but that's all. >> the alleged victim who was not shown on camera told juror yoors. he thenner vieted he invited her to his room and then through himself on her. >> i felt violated. >> did you ever say no to him that night? >> i did. >> it's cast a spotlight on them. he said he was part of an
7:34 am
understood ground tradition known as the senior salute. >> in agreement for it you and owen were going go to a private place, right? >> yes. >> she shopoke with us. she asked us to disguise her voice. she said she was aware of it and scoring and hooking up and a skob web where participants would right them up. >> reporter: labrie's attorney claims his client and alleged victim enkbajed in to consensual act. >> it's important that students know the senior salute and it was bo so long, it would be
7:35 am
unfair to put a single student under it. >> laura a spokesperson. >> he was not a pawn under the circumstances. he was a leader. he had a plan. hi knew what he was doing now, the girl told them yesterday they knew about the senior salute and told them toing nor them and they wore,s as hard as they canning to stop it, charlie? >> thanks. they're giving much of tl credit to als ice bucket challenge. it raises millions of dollars for research. 440 million people watched facebook videos a total of 10 billion times. jim axed rod looks at the
7:36 am
campaign. jim, good morning. >> good morning. when it first came out they called it socialism media. it turns out they were wrong. more than 17 million people rose to the challenge last year getting soaked in its charities, presidents. even curre even kermit the frog helped. as many as 30,000 americans have been diagnosed with the devin itting disease. it'll better to get protan the in the bang.
7:37 am
it was led by phillip got it lad week. >> it got spearheaded. >> pat quinn was diagnosed in 2013. he cofounded the ice bucket challenge with pete fray tells. >> that campaign helped them collect money for the campaign. that's a 22% increase. >> that's what we need. >> there's limited hope right now. that's all we can ask. >> reporter: round 2 is already under way. hundreds cooled off in central park earlier this month and
7:38 am
major league baseball is also stepping up to the platal sure sign given to this cause hasn't dried up yit. >> the more fund, the more research. keep dumping those buckets because we need all the hem we can get. their new motto is every august until there's a cure. they believe the ground baking could be beyond. they say others like als could also benefit it. >> more money for research can make a difference. >> absolutely. >> that's the underpinning of everything. >> charlie has one. do you have it? >> no. >> oh. i wanted you to see that. >> in a bow tine.
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>> oh, snap. i like -- >> i was not so dignified. we thank you,jim. we all did. >> it who's the woman next to you. >> she looks familiar. coming up next how le eh created his own church to dlirn a message and if you're heading off to work, we hate to mitt you but you can set your dvr for any time you like. we'll be right back. ies of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni.
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if i want to buy a 65 million dollar plane, you cannot stop me. you not stop me from dreaming. >> you cannot stop me from dreaming is not what you say when you ask for $65 million. that's what you do on broadway. i can do it dad. i've got the music in me. >> oh, that makes sense. a segment on hbo last week
7:44 am
is putting pressure on the irs to crack down on televangelists. the last week tonight clip has been viewed more than 4 million times on youtube. jeff fwlor of our digital net welcome ha a closer look. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. i may be funny but not so much. many preachers preach the prosperity gospel. many find it her it cal but that does not stop bleachers from donating millions every year. >> aerchlding god does is very expensive. >> i've been given a right to prosperity. i'm not going to be ashamed. are you sirous? >> right now someone is receiving a new heart, right out of the box.
7:45 am
>> true believers praise by seating. which godsend will reward with a bountiful harvest. >> harvest. >> harvest. >> you come to me now. >> you come to me now. >> in jesus' name. >> in jesus' name. >> televangelists reach about 65 million dollar. >> they keep trying to send more money, more money so we get healed. >> what you think goes into your heart. what's in your heart has flourish flourished. the irs uses 4 criteria including having yore kind services. knowed a creed and recognizing church services.
7:46 am
>> a few years ago the irs named scientology a church. >> reporter: according to the irs office they sus spended churches completely from 2009 to 2013 and corn ducknducted it in. to his own point john oliver created his own church. the viewers at home must plant a seed. >> a seed. primarily we take cash, although we do take checks. >> churches are constitutionally tax exempt because of the free exercise of religion. there's no surer way to exercise that free exercise of religion.
7:47 am
>> she says the church does a good job of helping themselves but he believes more should be done about the hucksters. >> "cbs this morning" reamed out to the i rhode island s for comment. it declined. we also reached out to the ministers mentioned by john ol' vaernld those in the story. thank you, jer. a family hosts a bear at a
7:48 am
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bear in the summer heat in the backyard. he swam in the backyard poole. then he thought he want to sprar. richards i went to rolling stones and an iconic generation. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to check with meisha to see how our road are looking. how is it looking, out there. >> things are looking g we have one accident to report right now, this is past west chester 202 southbound at the sky boulevard. you are down to one drivable lane. it has push all traffic in the far left lane and median, making it single file line, trying to get past. that also we have an accident here, involving two large trucks in london grove township chester county that has new been since cleared, all lanes were blocked, that is not been cleared so good to drive around in this area katie, over to you. and we will eventually be dealing with some sluggish travel out there because of a slush storm system, that will
7:57 am
be bringing with it heavier rain, then are storms and these storms could turn locally strong. the lets take you outside as you might expect to storm can three. just portions of lancaster county getting hit with any wet weather was so ever but this will continue to be something that blossoms with time, something that will be more widespread. we have got marginal risk for stronger if not severe thunderstorms, they are main threats wind and flooding issues, by tomorrow, this starts to clear out gradually and looking to much nicer weekend. back over to you. next update eight credit 25. coming up on cbs this morning how working too many hours can rand you in the hospital. i'm quarter von tiehl. have a great the day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is thursday, august 20th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including the donald trump band weighen. the republican front-runner talks to new hampshire republicans and holds nothing back. no surprise. first your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> reporter: the names of the injure vd not been released. >> contrast. the crowd style and reactions tells you where the race is now. >> intelligence officials say they contained classified inform snoogs a secret and sorted life is revealed. jared fogle now faces prison,
8:01 am
fines, and divorce. >> this was a highly encrypted site, so, of course, the fbi is looking if they could get into this, they could get into any site. >> when the ice bucket frenzy first erupted -- >> it's one of the silliest things in the world. >> god intended for christians to be healthy and wealthy. >> and everything gun d. . malk in you're sitting there. you'd be like, check, please. i want to get off now. >> i changed my mind. >> i want to go home. >> i don't need to go on vacation. according to a new list nashville is the friendlieiest city in america while philadelphia was beating up the person who put up the list. >> i'm charlie rose along with
8:02 am
gayle king and clarissa ward. three firefighters died battling flames in seattle. flames overtook their vehicle after a crash. >> it's forced hundreds to evacuate from at least three towns. you can see the smoke from multiple wildfires that are spreading across washington state. donald trump leads his presidential rivals in three states this morning. republican voters in florida, ohio, and pennsylvania prefer trump right now to jeb bush and ben carson. the billionaire campaigned in new hampshire last night spells out his views on issues like iran. >> i think the iran deal is okay but you need more. kerry is a baby. he's in a bicycle race.
8:03 am
he falls. i tell everything. you've probably heard it. i swear to you i will never be in a bicycle rice. president obama, secretary kerry, i highly think you should read this book quickly. quickly. >> i went to the wharton's school of china. look. the largest bank is vie na. they're a ten nanlt in one of my buildings. they just de valle used their currency. two decades. you now what that is? n u you do you know what they're doing? they're sucking jobs out. they're saying you can't build a wall. well, 3,000 years ago, right,
8:04 am
the great wall of china. we'd like to have that wall. that wall nobody gets through. that i can tell use. maybe some day they're going to call it interest trum wall, right? i'm a great builder. what i do best is build. which is good because the infrastructure of your country is crumb bling. isn't it nice to have baileder? all that money going to hillary and jeb and scott and marco and all of them, the people putting up that money, it's like puppets. >> trump is on the cover of "time" magazine's new issue. it reads "deal with it." >> we've got breaking news on a company that just won approval for a pill that helps with women's sex drive. sprout has just sold it for a billion. they're paying all cash to taker
8:05 am
of the ever over it. its new female sex pill is called addyi. you may recall that cindy whitehead was here yesterday. she and her entire staff will now joan valiaeant. there was a sinkhole just outside tampa. it reappeared in the same spot where a man was swal load up while he was still sleeping. emerald morrow is live there this morning. god morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're krnled this could spread. this new circlehole has shaken
8:06 am
neighbored. >> it makes you shake. you benner wonder. >> we had an engineering firm out to evaluate it. >> jared holmes got emotional when talking about his brother who was killed in the very same spot. i think about it every day. >> on february 2u8t 28ths, he heard a noise below. he heard his brother screaming. he tried to jump into the sinkhole to save him but could not save him. jeremy's body was rescued by the sheriff's deputy. jerry's bodies with never found. two neighbored houses were
8:07 am
demolished afterward. the hole filled with grarchl and the area closed off. >> florida is almost entirely on loomstone. water comes in and dissofrlg the limestone. it will leave an underground cavity that's not visible from the surface. >> the county has plans to start filling in the hole next week with the hopes that this sinkhole does not reopen once again. darp dollar. at number 3, melissa mccann third started think chaen spy. she earned 2,300. scarlet joe hanse coming in at nom ber two.
8:08 am
and "hunger games" star jennifer laerns moves up. thank you very much. that's one more than the top earner last year. that was sandra bullock. patrick stewart shares his new role in a comedy roll
8:09 am
new evidence this morning workaholics could be putting their lives in jeopardy. dr. tara narula is in our toyota green room with which group could be raising their risk of a stroke by one-third. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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oh, oh. i almost forgot. i'm going to also need you to come in on sunday, too, okay? we lost some people this week and we sort of need to play catch jupp. thanks. >> thanks. playing catchup at work like the guys in office space could catch up with your health too. in our "morning rounds" the link between long hours on the job and strokes new research finds 33% risk if you work 55 hours a week or more. our dr. tara narula from lenox hospital joins us here. i heard this story and thought of dead people working. >> we need another reason. >> what is the latest? >> intuitively we know it and
8:15 am
previous research shows working long hours and increased coronary heart disease. this is the first big study and whether it increases your risk of stroke. income, in this large research report of 17 studies, over 5,000 patients they did find if you worked more than the standard of 35 to 40 hours your risk went up. it went up incrementally. if you worked h 1 to 48 your risk went up 10%. 49 to 54, 27%, and 55 plus hour, 33%. >> do you want to lie down? >> here's the question. how do you define work? >> work would be being in your job. but certainly we know people take time to work at home and that's not accounted for in this study. >> no. for some people reading a lot is play and pleasure. for others it's work. it's part of what they do and how they spend their time. >> well, in this study they were basically looking at people in the job self reporting. these are the amount of hours i
8:16 am
work. >> i mean it's won thing to be on an assembly line. it's another to be reading a novel in preparation to interview something. >> there's a lot of factors that pray into it. why might this be. >> that's still work, though, charlie. it's still work. >> it is. >> so if you're reading a novel tonight, that's work? >> yes, if i'm reading for the show, absolutely that's work. >> i don't see the -- i mean i think you ought to choose a job where there's no real line between work and play. >> one of the factors is job stress. >> like be a golf pro. >> if you're sitting down reading in preparation for work, you're sitting down. you're not exercising, you may be more apt to eat unhealthy. that's what plays into your risk. that's what they speak about it. some of it is being sedentary, not eating healthy, leaving work unwind. maybe you feel depressed or anxious because you're at work and not at home with your
8:17 am
family. maybe you feel symptoms because you're working and stressnd and you don't see a doctor. it increases adrenaline and cortisol and this cortisol. >> clearly this is a warning that warning for all of us. >> i don't know anybody working 40 hours a week anymore. >> try the french. happy in your job is possible. >> trfrmts tear rana rula, thanks so much as always. first on "cbs this morning," "fortune magazine" ranks a new way of ranking innovative companies. look at companies reaching major hurdles. that's next. >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. it may seem strange, but people really
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8:21 am
for the first time "fortune magazine" is ranking companies not by the dollars they make but the good they're doing. "fortune" is revealing its "change the world" list. 40 companies are revealed. >> toyota. in second place, google for products that expand knowledge. and number one, vodafone and
8:22 am
safarico safaricom. why is that? >> if you look at what businesses have been doing over the past five to ten years there has been a shift of conscious capitalism or caring capitalism, whatever it is. companies are forging ahead trying to serve the world's problems. this is not philanthropy. it's part of their profit-making ventures are having a tremendous impact on the country. we're not saying they've descended from angels and they're 100% gold but they have a measurable effect of making world better. >> the resources they have both financial and human to make a difference. >> that's absolutely right. if you look at it now especially when governments are stymied here in the u.s., society is
8:23 am
kind of divided and business can -- you know, does have the resources, exactly. >> going sl on the list. for run reason it's unlocked information to the whole world. it's changed how we get information. larry is coming up with all kinds of things. >> you had people on the list with kerfuffles like toyota with recalls and whole foods overcharging. >> toyota had the prius which was designed to help with our mass image imaging problem and it's 40% of the market for a while it was the hot car
8:24 am
everyone drove in hollywood. that had a measure yourable impact on the world. yes, it fumbled with recalls and made massive mistakes but we look at the way they're doing good. >> you get the big picture. >> yeah. >> whole foods. >> >> whoil foods raised the standard for every grocery store. it's not something that everyone can access. they joked about whole paycheck. they talk about where their food comes from, not buying a lot of fish and taking care of warewhere their poultry comes from and things like that and now they're starting a chain call third degree 65 with lower prices. it will be very interesting to see what that looks like. >> the important thing also is check those places where they actually want to do good versus those places where it's just for p.r. >> as a whole it's very interesting.
8:25 am
thank you, leigh. >> thanks yore having good morning, i'm nicole brewer. and, the phillies have finally pulled the trigger on the trade of long time fan favorite chase utley. the chasings to the dodgers for pair of minor leaguers. the utley tipped his hat to fans leaving the field last night, in 13 years as a philly, he made nl all-star team five times and played on the 2008 world series champion team and he will be reunited with his former phillies teammate jimmy j roll rollins in los angeles. now lets check that forecast with katie, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. today will be another day that features some active weather on the area raid, more than what we have seen in recent days but this is one of these finally see this cold front that we have been talking about for a week, move our way. at the the moment it is just a
8:26 am
couple of showers heavy rain pockets as well, most noteably through berks county and central lancaster county now making an approach to new castle as well but outside kutztown area middle school these clouds will thicken up more, you will see rain showers moving in with time here and that is the story every where else, at least initially, scattered showers and storms eventually up, more solid line of rain, heavier rain not strong thunderstorms rum also in and then we will clear out. tomorrow sluggish, but it does bode very well for upcoming weekend, meisha. >> getting toward the the weekend, thanks, katie, good morning. well, the heart of the rush is now past but i can assure you we are still very busy, 95 south at girard turning around cottman we have seen it here, girard, trying to make your way in center city traveling less than posted speed. lets go to the wide and put this in context for you on this map, 15 miles an hour on the schuylkill at roosevelt boulevard, 13 miles an hour from cot the man to girard. nicole, back over to you.
8:27 am
meisha, thank you. next update 8:55. ahead on cbs this morning, guitar rift that rocked the world, rolling stone satisfaction turns 50 i'm nicole brewer make it a great morning see you in a bit.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning" where we're delivering satisfaction. coming up in this half hour, look at that. that's satisfying. there he is. "star trek" and "x-men" veteran patrick stewart is in our toyota green room. he's leaving drama behind for a comedy. it's hilarious. we'll have a talk on how he nearly missed out on some of his biggest rolls. the backstory on one of the greatest songs of all times. that's ahead. the atlantic constitution reports on a violent home invasion that left a father badly hurt.
8:31 am
they broke into his home and shot mike lash in his leg. his wife called 911 running with the baby in her arms. >> i ran outside with my baby. there was a blackion man at the front door. he pulled a gun on my husband. >> they fired on whitney lash as she escaped to a neighbor's home. her husband was able to follow them as they ransacked the home. police are still searching for them today. airfare dropped. a plunge in jet fuel prices helped airlines cut fares. "the new york times" and the latest poll on trump. some students at horace greeley high school want to relocate their senior prom. it's scheduled to be held at trump national golf club next spring. they launched the money saying public money should not go to an
8:32 am
organization which they say promotes racism. so far they have more than 200 signatures. the washington post reports on a story we've been talking about, a giant panda. they developed a fetus inside mei xiang. she could give birth early next week or possibly in september. >> this is great news. >> i like it. "time" posts on anal store's ipod. it was once apple's biggest money maker. "usa today" reports on fat. they looked at a faulty version of the gene fto. it causeses energy to be stored as fat instead of burn. scientists were able to tink
8:33 am
kerr with it and reverse it. stern words from ar their malcolm gladwell about yale. he spent $480 million on hedge fund managers compared to 170 million on students. he fired off a southeast of posts on twitter. he wrote, quote, i was going to donate money to yale but maybe it makes more sense to mail it directly to a hedge fund of my choice. in 1987 the world met james stewart when he played the captain. >> we'll try to take them by surprise. >> look at him. stewart gained fame from his next role. as charles xavier in the "x-men"
8:34 am
authorities. he stars in a newcombty called "blunltd lk." he plays dysfunctional but well intentioned. >> last night i promised our viewers i would tell them the truth. now, this freakish show is the perfect backdrop to talk about what we are doing to the environment. >> but the truth about climate challenge is devastating walter. no one wants to hear about mass suicide. >> but let's also give them hope. i meet have died last night. tonight i want to be in the hope business. >> i'm not ever knot true. >> start googling and findny signs of hope that's out there might be true. >> bravo, sir.
8:35 am
i was going to watch half a one to be polite. i ended up watching four. tell us about walter blunt wrrks he came from, starting with the name. >> i had been working with jonathan ames. a creative jeevous on the show and one day he said to me we've got to give a name thoim. i said are there any names that resonate for you? >> he likes to combine names. one name i used as a pseudonym was walter blunt because he was a royal character. he had a minor road in part 1. >> he e-mailed me back and said that's perfect. the show will be called "blunt talk." now we hope the name will become as famous as walter white.
8:36 am
>> i think so. back in the day you used to be a reporter but you used to make up things. >> my first job i was lucky to get a job on my local paper. nie newspaper. i had a little neighborhood but i did mostly births, deaths, council meetingings but i also practiced with ores. i would have people write piece for me, cover for me, mang phone calls, or i made it up. >> oh, dear. well we never do that. dare i ask who you might have drawn upon for inspiration. in fact, do not even answer that question. >> well, there is a certain man not sitting a million miles away from where we are now who i certainly watched -- i mean i've watched him for how many years? >> a long time. >> so i learned a lot from him. i have been a news junkie all my life. i had no television until i was
8:37 am
26. so i listened to the bbc radio news. >> and i still do as well. >> terrific. so there is a combination of people. let me assure you it is not piers morgan. he accused me of playing him in a restaurant one morning so i was able to reassure him not at all and the next day we met he talked to me very openly and frankly about being a british journalist and working on an american program which was very useful for us. >> people don't think of you as comedic and you're hilarious. you had a bedroom scene. when i say actor -- i don't mean to beb mean. it's called acting. i get is. >> upright, worthy, noble,
8:38 am
intelligent, compassionate, carrying individualed and mean me. >> i'm a mess. >> you're many things. >> but here we had a chance with a man who was a very serious journalistist and his ambition is to make a better world. >> in the first segment he's caught with a transgender prostitute. he said, what jirp echlt could i say. >> and then they say he knobbed them at the correspondent dinler and they're very upset. it was good to hear his name. >> charlie is competing with a few over others.
8:39 am
>> were you nervous? >> i was terrified. >> not department in your body. >> don't let's go there. >> oh, she likes to go there. >> i have never played that kind of scene before. this was, if i may say this on the show, this was my first post post-coital scene. >> not a lot of coitus in "star trek," i guess. >> none. then i learned the actress playing opposite me would be the fabulous and beautiful elizabeth schu which only frightened me even more. so i e-mailed three actress friends and said what's the form, what do you do, how far can i go, i mean if i kiss her, do i use tongue or is that -- i
8:40 am
mean can i touch body parts. and so they all said, no, what you must be is as entertaining as possible. >> how close are you and ian mckellan? >> extremely close. we've known one another and one another's work for over 50 years. we come from the same part of england, the corner of england. we both love shakes sphere. we both gave years and then a few years ago we were thrown as close toekts as two actors can be to play in a movie. >> it's great to be here. >> you were part of taylor swift's squad. cool. >> indeed. >> it's laugh out loud funny. ahead, charlie d'agata shows us how mick, keith p, and the gang, that would be the rolling stones, are keeping manic alive. 50th anniversary of what's
8:41 am
called the opening intro that shook the entire
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning a milestone.
8:45 am
"satisfaction" debuted in britain. this performance shows the classic hit remains timeless. charlie d'agata is in london with its unlikely origin. charlie, good morning. >> good morning. like everything else in this old record store, "satisfaction" was recorded on vinyl but set in stone. it was only like three notes, but, man, one helluva an introduction. >> rock on. ♪ >> reporter: keith richards said when that rif came to him in his dream, he hit the tape recorder. >> when i woke up i noticed the tape had run to the end. i run it back, push play, and this weerds strangled voice is
8:46 am
going i can't get no satisfaction and then there's this silence for a while and this heavy snoring went through the rest of the tape. >> reporter: he had the lick and he had the hook. he also just happened to have a pretty decent writing partner to help out with the rest. >> they were a real song-writing team. they could come to a point where keith would have a great riff and great chorus and mick would come in with the lyrics. >> reporter: brian hyde was a senior righter at rolling stone mags zone. mick and keith drucker briem watts and the guitar did bring "satisfaction" to life and brought it to loof. started in chicago and finished
8:47 am
in hollywood. "the ed sullivan show" thrust them center stage. the song spent 14 weeks at number one. it was only rock and roll, but america loved it. >> it was known. there was a hit and then there was a hit. >> reporter: but the song didn't just launch a band. it was adopted by a rebellious generation as a call to arms. >> it is in its way commercialism and feeling trapped. you can heal the whole second half of the '60s coming into the song, the fact that there was going to be unrest, protests, dissatisfaction. >> but it had sold too. otis reading added the horns that keith richards had envisioned when he first came up with the riff. in 1967 aretha franklin gave it
8:48 am
the diva's touch. devo's touch came a decade later. >> reporter: "satisfaction" has remained a stain. of rolling stone's performance to this day and favorite of their fans but keith richards will defend his work against any and all critics out there without missing a beat. now believe it or not it was banned because of its suggestive lyrics and "rolling stone" magazine ranked it as the best song of all time, satisfaction guaranteed. gayle? >> so great to hear the backstory. >> timeless classic.
8:49 am
>> i do too. suggestive action of girlie action. thank you. a strong odor is drawing huge crowds this morning. it's not mary wanna. the pungent smell of success. you're watching "cbs this morning.
8:50 am
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a smelly celebration this morning in colorado. a corpse flower named stinky is finally blooming after 15 years. hundreds are lining up to get a whiff of its odor which is compared to rotle egg, dirty socks, or garbage. they say if you want to sniff, don't delay, because the flower will close again tonight. why would you want to? >> i don't know. she's a pretty flower. >> that does it for
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. police in philadelphia are hoping that you can help them catch a suspect robbed a cell phone store in juniata park. surveillance video shows those suspects entering on the 1,000 block of east erie avenue two weeks ago. they roughed up customers and employees and grabbed money from the register. they got a away with cash and phones, however, no employees were injured. let's check with kate and get your forecast. today we are watching those storms, is that right katie. >> we have been looking a head to this day for the entire week, storm system had been so not just large but sluggish in its movement but it has affected the entire eastern 23rd of the united states, and now finally bringing us its active weather. at this point all we have out there are some showers, and
8:56 am
mainly through western suburbs obviously. that will continue to start blossoming with time today. by this evening a and in the early morning hours of tomorrow though you will be dodging some soaking downpours with this. we could see rain amounts that peak as high as 2 inches plus even if you get particularly heavy pocket and that will very easily lead to flash flooding. should be minor but might be driving through a wash out, at least early tomorrow morning. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast we will start to see things quiet down at absolute latest tomorrow a afternoon for philadelphia, and then we will even up with a nicer weekend by comparison. certainly something to look forward to at this point, meisha. >> definitely looking forward to that he can we even, thanks katie. good morning, everyone. it has been a busy morning. we were in the rush but now things are starting to steady itself out. schuylkill westbound before university avenue we are down to one lane. we have an incident in the far left lane in the causing too many slow downs, but for those looking at the wind you can see 15 miles an hour on i-95, 13 miles an hour on the
8:57 am
schuylkill. that does it for traffic for today, we will see you tomorrow. >> thanks very much. thanks for joining us for "eyewitness news", join us for noon for "eyewitness news". i'm erika von tiehl. have a great the day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> the doctors, can a peanut allergy lead to prison? >> a restaurant was purposely substituting a cheaper ingredient that could kill someone. s at's ma >> announcer: doctor rachel brings up the latest on the "honey boo boo" intervention. >> who is eating this? >> i am here to show you how to attract your licioudream par with two words. >> announcer: the controversy over the world's most uncoordinated dog! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> there are two things your dog is sure to do every day: play catch and beg for food. but for one dog named fritz, the struggle with one of these is all-too-real. ♪ ♪


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